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Double Door Electrode Drying Curing Box
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Product: Views:219Double Door Electrode Drying Curing Box 
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Double door electrode drying box with storage room electrode oven insulation constant temperature oven


OEM Service Available


power 220 (W)

Double door oven is composed of Angle steel, stainless steel plate and cold steel plate.The insulation layer is filled with high-density aluminum silicate cotton, which ensures the insulation of the oven and the safety of the users.Heater can be installed at bottom, top or both sides.

Electric heating system and automatic temperature control system three parts.Its use and precautions are summarized as follows:

1. The oven should be placed in a dry and horizontal place in the room to prevent vibration and corrosion.

2. Pay attention to the safety of electricity use, install enough power knife according to the power consumption of the oven.Select enough power wire and have good grounding wire.

3. In an oven with a mercury thermometer thermostat with electrical contacts, two wires of the electric contact thermometer should be connected to two terminals on the top of the box.Insert an ordinary mercury thermometer into the exhaust valve and open the hole in the exhaust valve.Tighten the screw on the steel cap after adjusting the electric contact mercury thermometer to the required temperature to achieve the purpose of constant temperature.However, please be careful not to turn the indicating iron out of the scale when adjusting.

4. When all preparations are ready, put the test product into the oven. Then connect and turn on the power.When the temperature reaches the controlled temperature, the red light turns off and the green light turns on, and the constant temperature starts.Care must also be taken to prevent the temperature control from failing.

5. When placing the test product, please pay attention to the arrangement not to be too close. The test product should not be placed on the heat dissipation plate, so as not to affect the upward flow of hot gas. It is forbidden to bake inflammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive articles.